Friday, July 10, 2009

If you had 15 mins to fill the Dancefloor, what would you play?


Hello Everybody Peeps,
It's been a while coming but there's some new ideas starting to formulate (with the emphasis on the late) As our glorious stand here at Tree Tops draws to an inevitable end, we have started to pursue alternative arrangements to see that the Tree Tops name continues to be put to good use. To this end we will be focusing on promoting shows, club nights and parties at alternative venues in the area and eventually further afield.
To get tha ball rollin' we would like to invite you to experiment with a new club night called "Desert Island Decks" the idea for this night is that everyone brings to the venue with them there 3/4 favourite Floor Fillas ever in the whole world (well if your anything like me It'll be your fav' tunes in the last 5 mins) when you get to the venue (before 8.00pm) you put your newly created DJ name(s) on the list and you get allocated a 15 min time slot. You can Dj by yourself or in small groups. The emphasis here is not on your DJing skills, in fact we actively discourage them! Anyone caught being too fancy and mixing or scratching may be asked to leave! It is about playing your favourite tunes and having a good time. We will figure out the winners on the night by means of the most democratic means known to mankind....Yes it's the clap-o-meter.

So here's a quick recap, with bullet points;
  1. Think of your 3 or 4 favourite tunes, bring them on C.D.'s and /or an I-pod. (not all on the same disk)
  2. Get to the venue and register before 8pm, put your newly invented DJ name(s) on the list.
  3. Have a drink and something to eat and DANCE while everyone else entertains you.
  4. Have your 15 minutes of fame.
  5. Bask in the glory of your superstar DJ status and field questions as to why you picked the beast tunes that had everyone shaking their thang!
So there you have it your new 5 step programme to health and happiness.

What you should do (NOW) to get a head start on the rest of the field please is email us with your DJ name(s) and 15min of tunes so we can set you up with a time slot and guarantee you get to play your first choice selection. Should you chose the same tunes as someone who has already been confirmed you will be asked for a second choice.

Please note in this new venue, The Old Wine Cellar, Corban Estate Arts Centre, 426, Great North Road, Henderson we will be providing a bar and food for sale, there is ample parking on site and the Door charge will be $10.00 each. Open at 7.30pm.

We apologise for the short notice and hope to see you all there. Please tell as many people as you can and if you have a mailing list, My Space, Facebook, Twitter, etc, please don't hesitate to post these details.


Sunday, May 31, 2009



Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tree Tops National & International Flavour

Okay so we started this thing called Tree Tops Studio with the idea of showcasing local talent and what happens...POW in eight months flat we've gone international (well not strictly!) For our next show we feature

from West Auckland (via Oz) ....

The Terra Nine Experience
Terra Nine, aka Michael Westcot, is hardly your typical digital artist…
He draws upon his mesmeric ability as a violinist to produce the ultimate synergy
of lush organic strings and groovy, chilled electronic beats. His sweeping, panoramic
musical vision and startling technique sets him apart from the droves of computer
geek number crunchers releasing generic, interchangeable tunes. A latter day
cyber Mozart, he demands to be taken seriously and listened to repeatedly…

Coming up from Otago for the Auckland gig only is vocalist Kerensa Stephens , aka Aviatrix, who has been writing lyrics and recording vocal melodies with Terra Nine for a year and a half. A life-long performer and creative energy, Kerensa also works with ecophonik ( Port Chalmer's based hybrid dub trance producer), de Novo ( Dunedin based eclectic producer), laughin' gas ( Dunedin based lounge/dub/ d&b mashed electronica producer) and Nightshade ( Lakonic + Woosh : Dunedin based drum and bass producers).

She also writes her own electronica and guitar based gypsy folk. The last 5 years has seen Kerensa singing at many of the well loved Dance Music Festivals around the country, including Kaikoura Roots, Parihaka and The Canaan Downs Festival 3 years consecutively.
Last year Kerensa performed with Mike in Germany at Full Moon Festival and France at the Hadra Festival. These were their first live gigs together.
"I immerse myself in tune and love to improvise in the recording studio as well as live and I'm really excited about jamming out with Mike, Al and Cath on Friday night. It will be a great party, we're all quite proud to be a part of Streamofconsciousness."

and from Melbourne Australia ....Damiano Verna (Red Eye Express )who will play a DJ set coming to you live and direct for his first NZ appearance ever.

Oh! and did I mention that the whole thing is going to be filmed for future Terra Nine video material, I did'nt oh good.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Holy Cow Batman...The 5th June just got bigger and better

Hello Everybody Peeps,

We spoke earlier about SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!...Well that's exactly what we've got in store for you and we've also added an NZ exclusive . As if it wasn't enough to bring you Terra Nine and Colliderscope we have now added to the bill Damiano Verna (Red Eye Express )who will play a DJ set coming to you live and direct from Melbourne Australia for his first NZ appearance ever.

In addition to occasional live performances with the full band, Damiano regularly DJs under the Red Eye Express name as a resident in hometown Melbourne venues Glitch Bar & Section 8, and has supported The Orb, Juno Reactor & Banco De Gaia amongst others on tour.
This is the first appearance by Red Eye Express in New Zealand.

Just to get you in the mood please find below some info about Colliderscope


Skeletal, off-world electronica from Scottish/Burmese producer and vocalist Fiona Soe Paing. Described by The Guardian newspaper UK as "...hybrid going on mutant..." and by the New Zealand Herald as " ...stylish, elegant and sinister" , Fiona's unique sound is an arresting mix of warped, cinematic electronica and spine-tingling vocals, performed with visuals from animation artist Zennor Alexander . The DVD album "No Man's Land", is the basis of an ethereal and atmospheric audio-visual performance. Wayward synths, ghostly strings, textural atmospherics, sparse beats and sublime visuals combine to create dark and beautiful soundscapes, a mesmerizing world between worlds.Fiona has performed in the UK, USA and New Zealand, and has been picking up great feedback and support from DJ's and critics, including the legendary BBC DJ Charlie Gillett, who included Fiona's song in Burmese language, "Tamin Sah Pade" in his annual compilation of the best of music from around the world, "Sound of the World 2007"The music videos have also been shown on the new 24 hour music video channel from National Geographic, NatGeo Music in Italy, and on Alt TV and The Arts Channel in New Zealand. Tracks have also been played on BBC Radio, (World Service, BBC 6 Music, Radio 3, ) Channel 4 Radio, and the "Best Of Myspace Top 10" podcast. The track "Tue Sahm Hai", remixed by NZ dubstep producer Optimus Grime, appears on the Air New Zealand Fashion week promotional compilation album from NZ'z most innovative label, Loop Recordings.The songs on the album are sung either in Burmese, English, and improvised, non-lingual sounds - a "No Man's Language!" For the album artwork, the original alphabet and font were designed by artist Daniel Burman.

And lets not forget this show is going to be an album launch for Terra Nine's new album 'Stream of Consciousness' to wet your appetite we have included some more promotional stuff for ya...

Terra Nine, aka Michael Westcot, combines electric viola with digital and Analog technologies, producing a distinctly organic and free form sound, with an aural palette ranging from chilled ambience to psychedelic breaks and beyond. Auckland based producer, Terra Nine, aka Michael Westcot, is hardly your typical Digital artist - He draws upon his mesmeric ability as a violinist to produce the ultimate synergy of lush organic strings and groovy, chilled electronic beats. His sweeping, panoramic musical vision and startling technique set him apart from the droves of computer geek number crunchers releasing generic, inter changeable tunes. A latter day cyber Mozart, he demands to be taken seriously and listened to repeatedly.
To see the Terra Nine back catalogue follow this link
This is your last TRANCE chance to catch Terra Nine live before they leave for the European festival circuit.
Dance off your dusting shoes and we'll see you on the 5th June 2009.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Tree Tops Studio

in association with a Positive Vibration.
A night of electronica, dance, psychedelic chill, dub and breaks featuring

Terra Nine
Tree Tops is stoked to announce the appearance of Terra 9
before they leave NZ to play festivals in France, Germany and Hungary.
" A latter day cyber Mozart, he demands to be taken seriously and listened to repeatedly..."

Skeletal off world electronica & sublime animated visuals.
Rated by Scott Kara of NZ Herald as one of the Auckland festival highlights.
A "live cinema" show of down-tempo electronica and live vocals alongside projected animation.

Plus Special guest musicians and DJs

Please note that there will be a Koha of $15.00 on the door.

All the usual parking and access regulations apply.

Stay tuned for further broadcasts.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Thanx One and All

Hello everybody peeps,

We would just like to say 'THANK YOU' to everyone who came out to make last Saturday such a great night.

Firstly thanx to all our acts Elanah, The Glass Owls, Otis Mace & The Magnets. Thanx also to those of you who helped get the evening set up and those who helped with the task of serving everyone, you are all angels and we love you.

Last but not least a big thank you to you lot for coming out to support live music in West Auckland, always remember that we cant do this with out your help or the sponsorship of a multi-national soft drinks corporation, so for Christ's sake keep coming.

Tree Tops will be taking a bit of a breather for a few weeks while we put on an acoustic stage in our Tipi at The Prana Full Moon Party over the Easter Weekend. Any musicians wanting to play come and check it out, you re all welcome. Sarah will also be playing a solo set on Sunday Evening and Howy will be DJing on Friday & or Saturday night.

We have further plans to bring you bigger and better nights to Tree Tops, however, this may require a bit more planning than usual, this combined with our busy schedules will mean our next session will be a bit further away than the usual 1 month mark. We will be sure to keep you posted.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Final Announcement 4th April

Hey Guys,

Just a quick note to tell you about the final acts on our Tree Tops bill for the 4th of April. Fresh from there recent appearance on bFM's fancy new band and there session at the red bull studios, we are very pleased to inform you that up-coming alternative folk outfit The Glass Owls will be playing on the bill next Saturday and in our young artist opening slot will be a brilliant singer song writer Elana.

From humble rumblings in early 2006, Glass Owls have evolved into a decent 3.5 on the Richter scale. Having gone through numerous gigs, a drummer and growing pains early on, they've learnt to adapt accordingly. With a new drummer in tow the Glass Owls have spent the last year writing new songs (and improving our old ones) and performing here and there, they hope to have a much busier year in 2009.

Along with all the usual shenanigans we will be having an incredible raffle with added mulled wine and chai for your delectation. The usual free nibbles and soft drinks will be available along with the BYO alcoholic drinks.
Show times are as follows;
Doors 7pm
Elana 7.45 - 8.00
Glass Owls 8.15 - 8.45
Otis Mace 9.00 - 9.40
The Magnets 10 - 10.45

***Please remember to park safely and discuss with us if you have a group of people who would like to come as we may be able to organise a car share or lift for you.****